Resilience & Stress Management Training

Using programmes and techniques from the award winning Happiness Club, I can help reduce stress and improve the resilience of your teams.

Employers have a lot to gain from investing in their workforce’s mental wellbeing. Whilst reducing the number of work days lost due to ill health is an obvious benefit, there are many others too. Helping your staff to manage their stress levels and feel happier, results in managers and employees who:  

  • are more energetic and creative 
  • are healthier and take fewer sick days 
  • work better with others 
  • make fewer mistakes 
  • are motivated and optimistic 
  • are more resilient and manage stress better 
  • make better decisions 
  • complain less and solve problems more.  

We offer two different workshops which are both designed to teach your staff how to reduce their stress levels and ultimately, find happiness. At the end, they will have tools and techniques that they can implement so they can perform and deliver their best in your business.  

Mindfulness Workshop
  • Can run for between 1 hour and half a day to suit organisation 
  • Learn to use a variety of different mindfulness techniques 
  • Understand how to reduce stress levels
  • Develop ways to increase resilience
  • Based on mindfulness.  
Resilience Workshop
  • A 2 hour workshop for management and employees 
  • Educates your workforce on stress and its impacts, including the early signs 
  • Teaches techniques to manage stress levels 
  • Draws on mindfulness.   

Research has consistently shown that mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety and depression and that it has a long term impact. Studies have also shown that in the workplace, it results in a significant increase in job satisfaction and decrease in feelings of emotional exhaustion.  

With both workshops, your staff will develop the mindfulness skills they need to manage their stress. The result is a reduction in the number of days being lost to work-based stress and the subsequent cost to your business. You can also expect to see improvements in retention rates as employee’s feel more job satisfaction.  Ultimately, this not only saves your company money but also improves what your business offers to your customers which can only have a positive impact on your sales.  

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