Advance notice: I will be taking some time off from 8 to 25 August

People go for counselling for many different reasons. Some seek counselling for specific things such as anxiety, depression, bereavements, or relationship problems. Some look for support in discovering what they want out of life, how to go about getting it and what this might mean. Sometimes we know something is wrong but we can’t find a way to put it right.

I don’t specialise in specific “issues”, but the type of counselling I offer works with you on whatever is troubling you.

I counsel individuals and couples in Northwich, Cheshire and across the world by video and instant messaging.

My approach to counselling is based not on what worked for someone else, but on finding out what can work for you. I believe that counselling can really help – when you’re ready and with the right counsellor for you. It’s the strength of the counselling relationship that means you can start to talk things through, discover what you want and begin to live life how you want.

I understand that it’s not easy. Sometimes taking that first step seems scary, or you might be questioning why you aren’t able to just get on with things yourself. Maybe you simply don’t know where to start. Please take that first step and get in touch. I offer a free consultation to help you decide if you want to try counselling and to discuss how we think it might be able to help you.

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